October 16, 2019

WOD 10-16-2019

The goal of this training is to lift heavy. Take a look at your load on last week. This can be a good clue.Every 3 minutes, […]
October 15, 2019

WOD 10-15-2019

Wod from CF LavalThe goal of this training is to mix a weightlifting movement with a gymnastics one.There’s gonna be two parts:– the first one will […]
October 6, 2019

WOD 10-06-2019

Classic CrossFit’s couplet, the goal is to remain constant for 7 minutes. The ride should be done in 30″- 40 ”. Try to keep this pace […]
October 5, 2019

WOD 10-05-2019

The training of the day has to be done with a partner; alternate with him on the 3 exercises.The goal of this training is to lift […]
October 1, 2019

Athlete of the month of September – Gerald

October 1, 2019

WOD 10-01-2019

The goal of this training is to lift heavy. There will be two formats today. 3 series of 3 repetitions; increase the load then keep the […]
September 21, 2019

WOD 09-21-2019

The goal of this training is to mix a gymnastic exercise with a conditioning one. The 12 minute time allows you to keep a fast pace […]
September 20, 2019

WOD 09-20-2019

Benchmark; compare your scores!The goal is to stay constant for 20 minutes.The Parallette HSPU, will be a real challenge on this training, because the range of […]
September 14, 2019

WOD 09-14-2019

After the two benchmarks of yesterday, today we perform a training oriented on metabolic conditioning.Try to use the ” nose breathing ” method throughout the entire […]